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The heart of Los Angeles is a vibrant and lively hotbed of creativity. Which made it the perfect place for us to bring together an eclectic mix of the best artists, makers and community members for an intimate night. Together, we explored surrealism through live-music, genre-bending cuisine, imaginative one-of-a-kind art and fashion collections, along with plenty of Prisoner Wine. The evening ignited the senses, stoking flames of inspiration for makers throughout the Los Angeles community and beyond.

Meet The Makers

To provide the spirit and ethos of The Makery Experience Los Angeles, we partnered with leaders in the LA community of artisans, craftspeople, movers and makers.


Food is a holistic experience for Travis Lett at his restaurant Gjelina. That means working with a community of farmers and taking an interest in how food is grown and cultivated, long before it’s cooked and served. Taken together with the rustic aesthetic of his restaurant, he always creates an inspired culinary-experience whether it’s at his world-renowned restaurant or for our guests at The Makery Experience.


Artist, craftsman, fashion designer… It’s impossible to find a single definition for Blaine Halvorson and his luxury lifestyle brand MadeWorn. His work transcends genres and seasonal trends with hand-crafted collections that showcase Halvorson’s unique philosophy, powerful vision and unprecedented creativity. Additionally, he served as host providing his MadeWorm compound as the idyllic dreamscape backdrop for the event.


A curator of culture, Angela Boatwright has spent decades photographing, filming and celebrating subcultures, from the hardcore and skate scenes in New York City to the Latino punk scene in East Los Angeles. Her first full-length documentary film Los Punks: We Are All We Have premiered at SlamDance film festival in Park City, Utah in January, 2016 and we have her to thank for filming and documenting our evening.


A special thank you to Apple Via for her vision and organization in rallying the Los Angeles Maker community.

We’d also like to thank Warpaint and Jessica Tonder for their musical performances and sharing their incredible talent with our guests.